Apparel Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

I’m noticing quite a bit of bullish price action & technical developments in the apparel stores recently. This video provides technical analysis of the apparel sector as well as numerous apparel stores that appear to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Playback speed of the video can be increased by up to 2x [...]

Russell 2000 video overview

I've received a few comments lately regarding the strength of the Russell 2000 (small caps) so I made this video to share my thoughts on the index.  I also covered the charts on the following components of that index in order to get a better feel on where the index itself is likely to go [...]

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stopped out trades

as i have been working on getting the trade ideas cleaned up, i noticed the following short trades have all been stopped out as per the previous posted suggested stop criteria for each trade and will be moved to the completed trades category: GCO, GDX, , IMGN, IYR (hit T1, then bounced and stopped out), [...]

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GCO update

fyi-  i just noticed that the recent GCO short setup was mistakenly categorized as a long trade idea.  i have moved it to the short setups and active trades categories.  the stock is still re-testing the long-term uptrend line, offering an objective short entry with stops not too far above.

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GCO short set-up/entry

GCO looks like an objective short entry here with a stop above the 67.25 area.  notes and targets on chart.  best to use limit orders for entry & exit on this one due to the spreads.

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