Updated Trade Ideas

In cleaning up the Active Trades list over the last couple of days, the following short trades have been moved to the Completed Trades category: FCH- Hit the first target for a quick 7.7% gain in late June before moving above the key downtrend line on the previously posted charts. DLTR- Hit the first target for a relatively quick 15.6% gain and continued lower but then moved higher before reaching the 2nd target. DPZ- Stopped out for a loss as per the previously suggested criteria. LUV- Stopped out for a loss as per the previously suggested criteria. Note:  All the Active [...]

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Attractive Short Entries

I'm balancing working through some of the programming issues on the site today with trying to post some of the short-side trade ideas that look to be currently offering an objective entry or add-on.  In fact, I have an unusually large amount of very attractive short candidates on my watch-list and with today's large gap having been faded as expected, the bearish scenario is alive and well. As I'm trying to juggle my own trading with the programming issues and posting actionable trade ideas, I'll just share some of the more attractive looking short trades at this time.  These are all [...]

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DLTR short update

The DLTR is one of several short trades that has been active for what seems like forever.  DLTR had hit the first profit target for a relatively quick 15.6% gain back on Oct 15th and has since consolidated in a constricting trading range or what appears to be a bear flag continuation pattern.  For those in the trade or looking for an objective add-on or new entry, DLTR could be shorted here at the top of the pattern although my preference would be to wait for a break below the pennant before taking a full position.  Actually, there is some mild [...]

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Active Short Trade Ideas Update, part 1

As mentioned earlier today, I am working on updating all of the trade ideas on the site.  As there are currently 38 active short trades, it is much more efficient to review those charts in a video format vs. mocking up static charts and the accompanying notes on all of them.  Many of the active short trades on the site were initiated shortly before or after the previous market peak on Sept 14th.  When the market bottomed and hit several my key downside price targets on Nov 16th, I stated that the R/R to remaining short was now outweighed by the [...]

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DLTR first target hit

DLTR has hit T1 today for a 15.6% gain from entry (the 48.23 opening price on the 8/30 gap down below the uptrendline).  therefore, considered booking partial or full profits and/or lowering your stops, depending on your trading plan.  my preferred target on this trade is current T3.  daily charts below with today's updated chart last.

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DLTR short entry correction

in the previous post, i had mistakenly listed the entry on the DLTR short as a break below the 200-ema.  in the original post on the DLTR setup on aug 16th i had suggested a break of both the 200ema & uptrend line as the entry criteria but then revised that to a break of only the uptrend line on the following update on aug 24th.  i have had since edited the previous post and to reflect this correction. DLTR is a good example of how many active trades, long or short, often provide objective entries for new positions (add-ons or [...]

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DLTR short update

here are the updated daily and weekly charts on the DLTR short trade, which was recently triggered on a break below the 4 year uptrend line.  since that short trigger, we saw DLTR spike back up to re-test both the multi-year uptrend line as well as the new downtrend line that originates from the all-time (and probably for a long while) high in DLTR put in on june 20th.  i currently favor T3 on this trade but wanted to point out the fact that T1 may be hit soon, for those wishing to take partial or full profits at that target. [...]

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