Gold Mining Stocks Trade Ideas (video)

A brief overview of gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures) followed by detailed analysis, including price targets for my top picks within the components of GDX (gold miners ETF). This video starts out with brief analysis on gold & the gold mining sector via GLD, /GC & GDX followed by the outlook for the following gold & siver mining stocks (in this order): NEM, ABX, GOLD, KGC, AU, BTG, SBGL, EDV.TO (EDVMF), AGI, AUY, DGC.TO (DRGDF), PAAS, OGC.TO (OCANF), NGD, HL, TAHO, CDE, AG, SMF.TO (SEMFF), SSRM, TXG.TO, FVI.TO (FSM), SAND, GUY.TO (GUYFF), HMY & MUX. Playback speed can be [...]

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GLD, SLV, GDX & SIL Analysis, Buy Points & Price Targets (video)

A review of the chart of GLD, SLV, SIL & GDX as they all approach key support levels with bullish developments on the chart that indicate a bottom may be close at hand. My preferred strategy of scaling into exposure in the gold & silver mining sector, along with the buy ranges, stop levels & some potential price targets are covered. Please log in to view this video as it is currently reversed for RSOTC subscribers. [...]

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Gold & Silver Mining Sector Analysis (video)

This video starts with a brief overview of the charts of gold & silver (via GLD & SLV) followed by a discussion focused primarily on the near-term outlook for the gold & silver mining sector via the charts of GDX & a few of the leading gold & silver mining companies in the following order; ABX, NEM, GG, AEM & SLW, wrapping up with some final comments & technical levels to watch for on GDX.

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Precious Metals, Miners & US Dollar Outlook (video)

This video begins with a discussion on the both the near & long-term outlook for the US Dollar, where the case is made for a near-term bounce followed by a longer-term decline in the Greenback (which would be near-term bearish & longer-term bullish for precious metals & the miners), followed by an overview of GLD, GDX, $HUI, several of the top components in GDX & wraps up with an overview of the recent developments & outlook for SLV (silver ETF).

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GLD GDX ABX GG NEM Long-term Outlook (video)

In the comment section below a post made earlier today, I was asked if I would consider going long the miners, should they break above the recent "high & tight flag/pennant" that appears to be forming in GDX. My answer was no (along with a brief explanation which can be viewed under that previous post) and this video covers in more detail as to why I still believe the R/R for going long the miners at this time is unfavorable. The video focuses on the long-term (1o-year weekly) charts of GLD, GDX and the 3 largest components of GDX which account [...]

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GDX Top Holdings At Resistance, Pullback Likely

Part of the reasoning for the DUST long/GDX short posted earlier is the fact that the three largest components of GDX; GG, NEM & ABX, which cumulatively account for about a 20% weighting, have all made nearly vertical & over-extended runs into key resistance level on the daily time frame. As the initial tag of resistance levels from below often produce a reaction, I believe the odds for a pullback in the gold mining sector is extremely elevated at this time. Notes on the DUST long/GDX short trade can be found in the previous post. Please note: As this [...]

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