GLD, SLV, GDX & SIL Analysis, Buy Points & Price Targets (video)

A review of the chart of GLD, SLV, SIL & GDX as they all approach key support levels with bullish developments on the chart that indicate a bottom may be close at hand. My preferred strategy of scaling into exposure in the gold & silver mining sector, along with the buy ranges, stop levels & [...]

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GLD SLV GDX SIL Outlook for 8-25-16 (video)

This video covers the near-term outlook for GLD, SLV, SIL & GDX with a look at the support & resistance levels, price targets & most likely scenario for the gold & silver mining sector going forward. (note: you may have to manually set the playback quality to 720p if watching this video shortly after being [...]

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Market Update for August 23, 2016

Actually, the title "Market Update" isn't very accurate as the definition of the word Update (as per Merriam-Webster) is: To bring up to date. Yet, the stock market ($SPX, $NDX, etc.. has gone essentially nowhere for over two weeks now, trading yesterday at the same levels it traded at back on August 5th and even [...]

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Correction Likely In GDX, GDXJ & SIL (miners)

GDX (gold miners ETF) ran smack into major downtrend line resistance on the heels of a very extended run. My expectation is for at least one more thrust down back inside the wedge pattern before any lasting breakout. GDX 2-day 4-yr Feb 4th GDXJ (Junior Gold Miners ETF) is at downtrend line (and [...]

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