Earnings Stocks to Watch Tomorrow

Yesterday I had posted a handful of stocks to watch today as they were scheduled to report earnings after the close or before the open today. Interesting enough, most of those stocks have gapped above or below the key technical levels that were highlighted with some reversing at or very near the key nearby support or resistance levels. Here are a few stocks scheduled to report after the bell today or before the open tomorrow that either have the potential to move the market or may be of interest to those already positioned in any of these names. FB (Facebook), as [...]

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Technical Outlook for GILD & BMY

Member @Ruben asked for my opinion on BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and GILD (Gilead Sciences) in the trading room & as there are some pretty clear technical developments on both, I figured it would be worth sharing the charts for anyone else interested. In fact, as these two companies are in closely related and somewhat overlapping industries, the analysis of these two companies, with completely diverging outlooks, speaks to the benefits of security selection (individual stock picking) vs. individual sector or broad market investing. GILD appears to be setting up in a bullish falling wedge pattern, confirmed with positive divergences on both [...]

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BMY Price Target Hit For An 8.7% Gain

BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb Co) gapped down below the T1 level to open at 57.99 yesterday, where any standing BTC limit order would have filled, thus providing an 8.7% gain from Thursday's short entry on the backtest of the pattern (target hit in under 3 trading sessions). Consider booking full profits as this was the final target & BMY will now be move to the Completed Trades catetgory. Previous & updated charts below:

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Shorting BMY

Shorting BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb) here following the recent breakdown & backtest with a sole target of 58.20 & suggest stop over 64.80. BMY daily Aug 20th

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