Earnings Trade Setups, part 2 (video)

This is a follow-up to Wednesday's Earnings Trade Setups & Trading Tips video. In that recent video, I had scrubbed through a long list of stocks that were scheduled to report earnings on Wednesday March 8th, narrowing it down to a list of 20 stocks that appeared to have clearly bullish or bearish chart patterns. The purpose of that video was two-fold: First, to provide a list of actionable trade ideas with the additional benefit that all of those stocks will have just reported earnings, thereby allowing a swing trader to establish a position without having to make the tough decision [...]

Earnings Trade Setups & Trading Tips (video)

The video covers the outlook for numerous stocks with clearly bullish or bearish chart patterns that are scheduled to report earnings today. Also discussed are several factors & strategies that traders might consider when trading a stock around its quarterly earnings report. One example of the point that was made in the video that it has been my experience that more often than not, an earnings-induced gap and/or the next direction in the stock in the coming days/weeks+ can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy if the technicals on the stock leading up to the earnings report are clearly [...]

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SMTC Bounce Target

As a follow-up to yesterday's unofficial long trade idea on SMTC (Semtech Corp), here's a 60-minute chart showing a resistance zone that runs from about 22.75-23.00 which is likely to cause at least an initial reaction if/when the stock gets there. As such, I'm most likely going to book full profits towards the bottom of the zone which would provide a quick gain of about 8% or so, assuming the stock makes it there in the coming days. SMTC 60 minute May 29th Once again, SMTC has the potential to morph into a more lucrative, multi-week or even multi-month [...]

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SMTC Approaching Long-Term Support Zone

SMTC (Semtech Corp) did go on to punch thru the bottom of the aforementioned trading range as I had suspected it might. Although I'm still going to hold off adding SMTC as an official trade idea, I went ahead and decided to take a relatively minor position. In my previous post, I had mentioned that a break below the trading range shown on the daily chart would set up bullish divergences on the stock but what I was not clear on was that I was mainly referring to the weekly chart although Semtech is also poised to print a divergent low [...]

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SMTC At Support

For the past year & a half, going long SMTC (Semtech Corp) while at the bottom of this trading range (bottom white line) and/or when the stock became oversold (RSI 30 or less) has proved to be a timely entry for a long-side bounce trade. A long here with a stop slightly below the bottom of the range targeting the mid-point of the range (orange line) or possibly even the top of the range may or may not work out but certainly looks like an objective entry. SMTC daily May 28th Personally, I'm going to pass on this one, [...]

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