Stock Market & Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis on the U.S. stock market, select sectors that stand out as well as gold, GDX & the US Dollar. Covered in the following order are the outlook for the US dollar, gold & the precious metals sector via EUR/USD, /GC (gold futures), GLD (gold ETF) and GDX (gold miners ETF); the near-term outlook [...]

Energy Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis (video)

Analysis of the energy sector including about 2 dozen individual stock trade ideas that stand out as potential trading opportunities at this time. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular stock or ETF, the following securities are covered in this order: XOP, APA, HES, MRO, PE, NFX, CHK, SWN, PDCE, INT, GPOR, XOG, [...]

Crude Oil & Energy Sector Outlook (video)

This video provides a comprehensive overview of crude oil, the energy sector (via XLE) and over a dozen of the top components of XLE. Numerous trade ideas, including objective entry points & price targets on USO, XLE and some of the most attractive trade setups on individual energy stocks are covered. The video begins with [...]

SLB Final Target Hit, Morning Market Update

SLB (Schulmberger Ltd) hit the both T3 & T4 (final target) for a 14% gain in just under a month. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops if planning to hold SLB as a longer-term trade. Original & updated daily charts below (click to expand):   WSJ Hindsight Bottom Call on [...]

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SLB Trade Idea

SLB daily Jan 15th SLB (Schlumberger Ltd) was mentioned as one of several potential bounce/swing trade candidates on Tuesday (Jan 13th). Bounce targets below are the actual resistance levels, consider sell limit orders slightly below your preferred target. Stops dependent on one's average entry price. click here to view the live, annotated chart [...]

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Peak Oil vs. Oil Glut

The longer that I trade & invest, the more it seems like I'm watching the same movie played over & over every few years. It's the never ending cycle of booms & busts and if I were to categorize the genre of movies that I'm watching, I'd have to lean more towards labeling them as [...]

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Energy Sector Overview

As one of the largest sectors in the S&P 500, where the energy sector goes in 2013 will have a significant impact on how the overall stock market performs.  As shown on some of the recent static charts, this key sector appears to be at an important technical juncture.  This video covers the charts of [...]

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