Technical Analysis of Commodities (video)

A comprehensive overview of various commodities & commodity tracking ETFs. The video begins with a long-term comparison of commodities to the stock market along with some fundamental considerations as well as a discussion on tactical asset allocation, followed by the outlook for various commodity tracking ETN's & ETFs. In hindsight, due to the amount of content & charts covered in this video, I should have broken it down into two separate videos. The first part of the video highlights the historical correlation between commodities & the stock market, with that correction flipping from a highly positive to a negative correlation shortly [...]

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CANE (Sugar ETN) Trade Idea Still Pending

Regarding yesterday's post on the SGG (iPath Sugar ETN) trade idea, I'm still monitoring the charts of sugar futures (/SB) as well as the new proxy for the potential official swing trade on sugar, CANE ( Teucrium Sugar ETN). As SGG has historically been the most liquid sugar ETN, that was my first choice as the proxy for a long trade on sugar, which looks like a potential bottoming play with as much as 25%+ upside potential in the coming months. However, it turns out that iPath is replacing SGG with a new sugar ETN, SGGB, without allowing any new purchases [...]

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SGG (Sugar ETN) Trade Idea to Be Replaced with CANE Tomorrow

Regarding the previous trade idea for SGG (sugar ETN) which was posted shortly before the close today, please note that I posted the following comments below that post shortly after it was published: FYI- I received the following message when trying to purchase SGG in one of my accounts after posting this trade: Transactions in the security are limited to only closing trades. SGG may be in the process of being replaced by another sugar ETN with a different ticker, possibly SGAR (also through iPath ETNs). More info to follow asap. follow-up comment: SGG is scheduled to be delisted by iPath [...]

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A Bottom in SGG, Sugar ETN, May Be Close

SGG (iPath DJ-UBS Sugar ETN) was covered in Monday's Technical Analysis of Commodities ETNs video along with CANE (another sugar ETN, Teucrium Sugar Fund) in which the case for a potential trend reversal & rally soon was made. Member @ixtlanian inquired within the trading room about today's large drop in SGG & as this one soon be added as an official trade idea, I wanted to share my reply here for all to see, along with some additional charts & annotations on both SGG & $SUGAR (sugar continuous futures contract). The large white trendlines on both the price of SGG & [...]

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Technical Analysis on Commodity ETNs (video)

A comprehensive video covering the outlook for numerous hard & soft commodities via 20 commodity ETNs & ETFs, including both hard & soft commodities along with various agricultural commodity ETNs. Due to the unusually large amount of trade ideas covered, this video runs longer than normal. As such, for those looking to skip ahead to the analysis of any particular commodity, the following ETNs/ETFs are covered in this order: NIB (cocoa), CUT (timber), WOOD (timber), UNG (natural gas), BAL (cotton), UGA (gasoline), JJC (copper), USO (crude products), OIL (crude oil), SOYB (soybeans), COW (livestock), DBA (various agricultural commodities), CORN (corn), CANE [...]

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Peak Earnings Week

This week will, by far, be the most important week of this earnings season with a total of 119 companies in the S&P 500 index reporting. This week will also see all five of the market leading FAAMG stocks (FB, AAPL, AMZN, MSFT & GOOGL) reporting along with a slew of other market leading stocks. As such, one should expect an increase in volatility & opening gaps. There is a link for an earnings calendar located on the home page sidebar under 'Tools of the Trade" along with an economic calendar with the potential market moving reports denoted with a red [...]

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