Trade Ideas & Sector Analysis for 5-25-18

An overview of various commodities, sectors, ETF & individual stocks that stand out as compelling trade ideas at this time, both longs & shorts. Took a while to get this one posted as I was working on publishing a few trade ideas after completing the video. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration One of the trade ideas covered in this video is LMT, which still looks like an objective short. However, I opted to go with the ITA (Aerospace & Defense Sector ETF) instead for the additional diversification provided by the ETF although LMT tends [...]

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Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

This is the 5th & final video for today covering the sectors & commodities that look to either be setting up or currently offering objective trading opportunities. This video starts out with a quick look at the charts of natural gas & gasoline followed by updates on the various agricultural commodities that have recently been highlighted as both swing trading opportunities as well as potential bottoming plays (longer-term trend trades/investments).

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SGG (Sugar ETN) Bull Flag Formation

Watching for an impulsive breakout above this bull flag continuation pattern following the recent bullish falling wedge breakout on SGG (Sugar ETN).  Unofficial trade idea at this time although SGG is under consideration as an official trade idea. Price targets would be the same as the recent long swing trade that was stopped out just before SGG printed the bullish engulfing candlestick on June 29th. SGG daily July 6th

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SGG Sugar ETN Stop Hit, Rally Still Likely Coming Soon

We had a brief & shallow stop run on the SGG (sugar ETN) Active Long Swing Trade last week with the ETN printing a weekly close back above the stop level & sugar still looking ripe for a reversal soon. That resulted in a relatively minor loss of 3.6% as I was keeping stops tight on this one. As $SUGAR (sugar continuous contract) is approaching support with very powerful bullish divergences below the steep falling wedge pattern, sugar is likely to rally sharply following a breakout of the wedge soon, just as it has typically done follow previous sharp downtrends in [...]

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SGG Sugar ETN Trade Setup & Entry

Although we don't have any technical evidence of a bottom or potential reversal, I believe the R/R for a long entry on SGG (Sugar ETN) here at support is favorable. SGG will be added as an Active Long Swing Trade around current levels (~28.40). The current price targets are T1 at 30.96 & T2 at 31.84. The maximum suggested stop is any move below 27.38 with a suggested beta-adjustment of 1.1 (10% above a typical position size). Daily charts of SGG & $SUGAR (Sugar Continuous Contract, EOD) below.

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Agricultural Commodities Looking Bullish

As mentioned in this morning's market update, various agricultural commodities appear to have some of the most attractive R/R profiles right now, especially for long-side trades. The charts seem to indicate that many of these ag commodities appear to be setting up for attractive swing trades with rallies that could last several months & even into 2018. Adding commodities to one's portfolio, whether a trading account or investment account, allows for diversification with little to no correlation with the stock market, fixed income, precious metals or other asset classes. Each of these commodity tracking ETNs (or one can use futures, if [...]

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