Technical Analysis of Gold & Commodities (video)

Technical analysis on gold, GDX & various commodities including crude oil, natural gas, copper, timber & various agricultural commodities. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video.

Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

The following video covers both the near & longer-term outlook for various commodity tracking ETNs & ETFs. In addition to stand-alone swing trading opportunities, commodities can also provide diversification within an investment portfolio or trading account due to their low correlation with stocks, bonds or other asset classes. The following ETP's are covered in this [...]

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Coal Sector Overview & Trade Setups

I'm noticing quite a few bullish trade setups developing in the left-for-dead coal stocks. This video covers the charts of some of my favorites, along with general entry levels (buy triggers) and price targets. As discussed in the video, many of these coal stock are just coming off very strong runs, most into key resistance [...]

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Long-Term Trade Ideas Updated

The following trades have been removed from the Long-term Trade Ideas category. EC: Failed to reach T1 before exceeding the suggested stop below 14.86. CDE: Hit the final target, T3 at 6.55 for a 56% gain earlier this year & should have been moved to the Long-Term Trades-Completed category back then. SGG: Fell just shy [...]

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KOL (Coal Sector ETF) Long-term Trade Idea

KOL daily March 3rd With oil prices stabilizing & most coal stocks already deeply discounted from a 4+ yr severe bear market, KOL (Market Vectors Coal ETF), which holds companies with various types of exposure to the coal sector such as producers, railroads, etc.., looks poised for at least a 20% rally from [...]

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Long Trades Category Updates

As I was unable to update the Long Trade ideas before I left for vacation, updates on both individual trades will be posted throughout the day  including the "batch" of stopped out trades below. As there are numerous updated to be made in the Long Trades category, email notifications will not be sent out on [...]

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Market Update

The following charts were all covered in the recent trio of video updates. Starting with US equities, the $RUT (Russell 2000 Small Cap Index) continues to move lower after backtesting the dual resistance level defined by both its primary bull market uptrend line (blue) as well as the Fibonacci fan line that lines up perfectly [...]

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