Technical Analysis on Commodity ETNs (video)

A comprehensive video covering the outlook for numerous hard & soft commodities via 20 commodity ETNs & ETFs, including both hard & soft commodities along with various agricultural commodity ETNs. Due to the unusually large amount of trade ideas covered, this video runs longer than normal. As such, for those looking to skip ahead to the analysis of any particular commodity, the following ETNs/ETFs are covered in this order: NIB (cocoa), CUT (timber), WOOD (timber), UNG (natural gas), BAL (cotton), UGA (gasoline), JJC (copper), USO (crude products), OIL (crude oil), SOYB (soybeans), COW (livestock), DBA (various agricultural commodities), CORN (corn), CANE [...]

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Technical Analysis of Gold & Commodities (video)

Technical analysis on gold, GDX & various commodities including crude oil, natural gas, copper, timber & various agricultural commodities. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video.

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JJC (Copper ETF) Poised for a Correction

$COPPER (copper continuous futures contract) looks poised for a pullback off this overbought rally into resistance with negative divergences in place  on the daily time frame while JJC (copper ETF) appears likely to break down below this 60-minute bearish rising wedge soon with a drop of at least 6% from current levels. I am considering adding JJC as an official trade idea although I plan to go through the charts of the mining companies with copper representing a fair amount of their production to see if those charts confirm or not & if so, find any attractive trading opportunities in the [...]

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Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

The following video covers both the near & longer-term outlook for various commodity tracking ETNs & ETFs. In addition to stand-alone swing trading opportunities, commodities can also provide diversification within an investment portfolio or trading account due to their low correlation with stocks, bonds or other asset classes. The following ETP's are covered in this order: GAZ, UNG, SOYB, CUT, WOOD, KOL, JJC, UGA, WEAT, CORN, USO, DBA, JJG, OIL, COW, JO, SGG & NIB.

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Copper Threatening Breakout Above Resistance

I had a request from member @vim2 for an update on copper. Here's my 10 year weekly chart of $COPPER (spot copper prices). Copper has been gradually moving higher since putting in a divergent low around the beginning of the year & breaking out above this bullish falling wedge pattern shortly afterwards. Prices are currently up against a minor downtrend line (R1) which a move up to the R2 level (2.44ish) quite likely if R1 is taken out. Should copper fail to take out the downtrend line resistance at this time, look for any pullbacks to be contained at either S1 [...]

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Precious Metals, Commodities & US Dollar Outlook (video)

This video makes a case for a trend reversal & near-term rally in the US Dollar along with a near-term bearish case for gold, silver, platinum, copper and other dollar sensitive assets, all of which still appear bullish from a longer-term perspective at this time (longer-term bearish $USD).

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