VRTX target hit

In spending some time updated the trade idea this morning, I see that the VRTX short had hit it's target on Friday for about a 13% gain.  As this was the only target for this trade, it will now be moved to the completed trades category.  This was another one [...]

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Biotech Short Trade Ideas Video

The biotech sector remainS one of my favorite short trade ideas and I've put together this video covering the charts of the 14 biotech stocks that I posted on October 21st as my favorite individual shorts in the sector (click here to view that post).  Also discussed are the IBB, [...]

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VRTX short

another biotech mentioned last night that is still providing an objective short entry.  T1 is the only target on this trade.

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biotech short trade ideas

one of my favorite sectors to short at this time is the biotech sector.  in fact, there are so many nice charts that i really can't pick any one or two favorites (although the recently triggered BIIB active trade is one of my top picks).  therefore, i will try to [...]

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