The following video provides a final update to several official Long Swing Trade ideas that have either hit their final price target and/or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. These trades will now be moved to the Completed Trades category where all associated posts will be archived indefinitely for future reference.

Typically, an update is posted on each trade once a profit target or the suggested stop is hit. As there were several trades that needed to be removed from the Active Trades category, most of which were already mentioned on the front page or within the trading room as hitting their final target or suggested stop, I figured that it would be faster & more efficient to cover those trades in one video & then batch them all over to the Completed Trades category.

A few of these trades still look promising so for those interested in skipping ahead to a particular trade idea, the following securities are covered in this order: ACBFF (Long-term Trade), CMG, CTL (60-minute bullish falling wedge breakout today), MOS, SGG, SIL, SNAP & TSCO.