GE Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade Idea

The case for a reversal in GE continues to firm up on the weekly, daily & this 60-minute charts. As such, GE will be added as an Active Long Swing Trade as well as a Growth & Income Trade around current levels (14.58ish area). The price targets are T1 at 15.20, T2 at 15.86 & T3 at 17.19. The maximum suggested stop for those targeting T3 is any print of 13.70, with a higher stop suggested for those only targeting T1 and/or T2. The suggested beta-adjusted position size for this trade is 1.0. Weekly, daily & 60-minute charts (with targets & [...]

GE Stop Hit + Additional Comments

The GE (General Electric Co.) swing trade briefly clipped the suggested stop of any move below 14.09 today, falling less than 1% below that level before reversing, with the stock steadily moving higher since. As the suggested stop was hit, accounting for a loss of 5% on the trade, GE will now be moved to the Completed Trades archives. Previous & updated daily & 60-minute charts below: click on first chart above to expand, then click anywhere on the right of each expanded chart to advance to the next image I have some thoughts on GE which were posted [...]

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Trade Ideas Update (video)

This video provides an update & the outlook for all active trade ideas on Right Side Of The Chart at this time as well as a couple of potential trade setups. Also discussed are some general trading strategies & considerations on aligning one's swing trading with the near-term outlook & trend of the broad market. The video duration can be reduced by increasing the playback speed in the video setting as well as skipping ahead to any particular trades which are covered in the following order: AOBC, OMI*, OREX*, CORN, ENDP, GE, IEF, JJG, SOXX, SPY, UGAZ**, XLE & XOP*** followed [...]

Trade Ideas Update (video)

Updates on all Active Trade Ideas on RSOTC as well as a couple of the recently closed trades such as GDX. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video. The following stocks/ETFs/ETNs are covered in this order: XLE, UGAZ, SPY, SOXX, JJG, DBA (unofficial long), IEF, GE, ENDP, CORN, AOBC, OSTK (closed) & GDX (closed).

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GE Trade Idea

The following notes & charts outline the entry criteria, price targets, suggested stop & beta-adjusted position size for a swing trade & potential trend trade in GE, General Electric Co. Silver & Gold level access required.

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Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis on the US stock market, oil, gold, energy stocks & several trade ideas that stand out at this time. There is quite a bit covered in this video so you might want to increase the playback speed of the video (under settings) to 1.25 or 1.5x to reduce the duration.