ELLI & CDNS Stopped Out + Additional Comments

ELLI & CNDS are the last two official short trade ideas that have recently exceeded their suggested stop & as such, will be moved to the Completed Trades category. I wanted to include the charts along with some commentary on both as the help to illustrate a common recurring theme that I've noticed lately which [...]

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Semiconductor Sector & Trade Ideas Update (video)

By request, an update on the semiconductor sector including the recent semiconductor related trade ideas, both those still active as well as those that were recently stopped out. Discussed in the following order are: $SOXX (PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index), SMH (semiconductor ETF), AVGO, AMAT, UEIC, CDNS, NANO, NVDA & DLB.

Trade Ideas Update & Market Commentary (video)

I received some positive feedback regarding update the trade ideas in video format & will look to publish video updates on the trade ideas on a regular basis going forward. This video covers all of the recent active trade ideas, some of which have just recently exceeded their suggested stops. The video also starts out [...]

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