I received some positive feedback regarding update the trade ideas in video format & will look to publish video updates on the trade ideas on a regular basis going forward. This video covers all of the recent active trade ideas, some of which have just recently exceeded their suggested stops. The video also starts out by covering an unofficial trade idea, CARA (Care Therapeutics Inc) that was posted in the trading room earlier today. I also discuss my own preference to temporarily suspend stops on most of my positions due to the increased likelihood of those stops being clipped over the next few days leading up to & immediately after the FOMC announcement & statement scheduled to be released at 2:00pm ET this Wednesday. Likewise, the chances of any breakouts early this week going on to fail (i.e.- fall back below the breakout level) is also elevated and as such, I plan to be very selective on any new trade entries, long or short. Although those trades that have recently exceeded their suggested stops will be removed from the Active Trades category, I will continue to monitor those stocks/ETFs for possible new entries following the FOMC announcement, as most still look fine from a technical perspective.