ATVI Trade Update

Member @retireat60 requested an update on the ATVI (Activision Blizzard) Active Short Trade. ATVI has been consolidating within a triangle pattern just above the T2 support level after hitting that second price target on Dec 1st. Should the pattern break to the upside, the first resistance comes in around 37.70 while a downside break of the pattern & the T2 level would open the door for a move down to T3. Previous & updated daily charts: Typically, symmetrical triangle patterns break in the direction leading up to the formation of the pattern although this one could break either way, [...]

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Official Trade Ideas Overview (video)

This video reviews all of the official trade ideas, both long & short, that are currently listed as Active Swing Trades on Right Side Of The Chart. While the majority are still Active Trades, several of these trades have already hit their final price target or exceeded their maximum suggested stop & will be reassigned to the Completed Trades category asap. I wanted to cover those completed trades as some still look good & most importantly, suggested price targets & stops are just that; suggested. Traders & investors might opt to use their own targets & stops that are inline with [...]

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ATVI Second Price Target hit for 22% Profit

ATVI (Activision Blizzard, Inc) has hit the 2nd price target, 35.82, for a 22% gain since the entry exactly one month ago today. Consider booking partial or full profit and/or lowering stops if planning to hold out for T3 or T4. Previous & updated daily charts:

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ATVI First Target Hit for a 7.3% Profit, Trade Ideas Updated

ATVI (Activision Blizzard, Inc) has hit the first target, 39.80, for a 7.3% gain on Nov 9th & is now approaching T2 with a profit of 13.4% at today's close. Although a reaction off the T2 level is likely, T4 remains the final target at this time. Previous & updated daily & weekly charts: ATVI is one of several trade ideas that have either recently hit a profit target or have exceed their maximum suggested stop with updates to be posted tonight. Most of those trades were already mentioned reaching a profit target or exceeding their max. suggested stop [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Overview (video)

The following video provides an update on all of the recent official short trade ideas on Right Side Of The Chart, including all Active Short Trades as well as a few that had recently hit one or more profit targets or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. The following trade ideas are covered in this order: ATVI, AVGO, ISRG, IWM, MO, NVDA, QQQ, SBUX, SMH/SOXL, TSM, WB, WFC & YHOO.

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Several Trade Ideas To Report Earnings

Just a heads up that several of the official & unofficial trade ideas recently posted on RSOTC are scheduled to report earnings after the markets close tomorrow, including ATVI, CARA, ERI, GDEN & TSRO. Keep in mind that list is far from inclusive of all of the recently highlighted trade ideas. There are numerous sources on the web to find the upcoming earnings dates for your positions, such as this earnings calendar from Yahoo Finance, the company's website (usually found under Investor Relations or a similar link at the bottom the company's home page) or even a quick Google search for [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Overview (video) 11-1-16

This video provides an overview of the Active Short Trade Ideas currently listed on Right Side Of The Chart along with a brief overview of the broad markets as well as a few of the unofficial short trade ideas that stand out. The following stocks/ETFs are covered (although not in this order) SPY, QQQ, ATVI, AVGO, ISRG, MO, SBUX, SMH, SOXL, SOXX, UEIC, WB, YHOO, MDT, ABT, BSX, ZBH, & EW

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