Trade Ideas part 1 (video)

This video covers the charts of about half the stocks currently on my watch-list as potential long and short trading opportunities. The video begins very brief overview of the broad market as well as the breakout above the triangle pattern that was highlighted yesterday on the USO 60-minute chart. Following the USO commentary, the following trade ideas are discussed in this order: COP, SEDG, CSIQ, LL, BAS, PIR, TSRO, ELLI, CNAB, AXAS, ACPW, ASPS, PLCE, MNKD, BITA, YELP,CVSI, SHOS, SMH, BBW & ALDR There were some issues with loading the charts during the video which turns out was due to [...]

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PIR Final Price Target Hit for 44% Gain

The PIR (Pier 1 Imports) Long Trade + Growth & Income Trade ideas has hit the final target, T4, for a 44% gain (and currently up 59%) since the entry less than 4 weeks ago. Consider booking full profits as the R/R no longer warrants remaining long. Although the Growth & Income Trade ideas are typically intended as long-term trade ideas lasting several months or more, due to the confirm bullish chart patterns, it is not uncommon to see these trades reach their final price target before the first dividend has even been paid since the trade was taken. [...]

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PIR Second Price Target Hit for a 21% Gain

The PIR (Pier 1 Imports Inc) Active Long & Growth & Income Trade has hit the second price target, T2 at 5.26, for a 21.2% gain in just 2 weeks since entry. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops, depending on your trading plan. T4 remains the final target at this time but just be advised that the odds for a reaction near the top or the bottom of the gap that separates T2 from T3 is likely. Previous & updated daily charts:

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PIR First Price Target Hit

PIR (Pier 1 Imports Inc) has hit the first price target, T1 at 4.56, for a quick (1-day) 5.1% gain. Active traders might consider booking partial or full profits while longer-term traders/Gr &Inc investors might opt to hold out for T2 - T4. PIR was added yesterday as both an Active Long Trade, for those looking for a quick pop up to the T1 price target, as well as a Growth & Income Trade for longer-term traders & investors looking for a trade/investment idea with the potential for capital appreciation as well as an attractive dividend yield (about 6.5%). PIR [...]

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PIR Growth & Income Trade Entry & Trade Setup

PIR (Pier 1 Imports Inc) has broken above this downtrend line following the recent divergent low. PIR will be added as both an Active Gr & Inc. Trade with price targets T2-T4) as well as a quick short-term trade targeting T1 (about a 4% gain if hit). The current dividend yield of about 6.5% coupled with the potential for considerable capital appreciation (assuming the dividend isn't drastically cut or eliminated & the stock follows through on today's breakout) makes Pier 1 an attractive candidate for those looking for long exposure and/or growth & income investment ideas. Of course, the success or [...]

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