Gold Mining Stocks Trade Ideas (video)

A brief overview of gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures) followed by detailed analysis, including price targets for my top picks within the components of GDX (gold miners ETF). This video starts out with brief analysis on gold & the gold mining sector via GLD, /GC & GDX followed by the outlook for the [...]

NGD first target hit

the NGD short hit the first target today for a 16% gain.  either take some/all profits or lower your stops, depending on your trading plan.  fwiw, based on my read on this chart, i do favor one or both of the additional targets being hit on this trade, counter-bounces notwithstanding.  charts in order as posted. [...]

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Trade Ideas Video

For optimal viewing, choose the "Watch on YouTube" option, then choose the HD quality and Large player settings the bottom right of the video window. MAY 30th UPDATE:  PLEASE NOTE THAT SEVERAL OF THE TRADES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS VIDEO HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED AND ARE NOT LONGER ACTIVE TRADES.  THEREFORE, IF YOU CAME HERE VIA [...]

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NGD target added

i've added one additional target to the existing NGD short.  for those in the trade, please note that the new target is above the previous two targets and all three targets are now updated in the first chart below.  (previously posted charts follow in reverse order: updated daily, previous 2-day, and original daily)

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NGD targets

here's a 2-day chart with the targets for the NGD short posted yesterday.  notice the nice thin zone which comes in below and syncs very nicely with the projected drop from the H&S pattern.  as i type, GDX is still right on that support line/bottom of the pattern so be aware that gold stocks are [...]

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NGD set-up

NGD looks like an objective short here on the re-test of this recently triggered head & shoulders pattern but as mentioned below, GDX is just above a key support level so the most objective entry would be to wait until GDX has broken support before entering NGD.  alternatively, an aggressive trader could also either short [...]

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