Near & Long-term Outlook for GD & GS

Member @everbank7 asked for my thoughts on GD (General Dynamics Corp) and GS (Goldman Sachs Group Inc). While these two stocks are in completely different industries, they do share some similarities regarding their technical postures; near-term bullish & long-term bearish. I decided to share my reply here on the front page for all to see for a couple of reasons. First, both of these trades might offer a swing trade on the long side in the coming weeks to months as well as a potential shorting opportunity, if/as any counter-trend rally runs it course & the charts confirm a short entry [...]

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Aerospace & Defense Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis providing the outlook as well as key support and resistance levels for the aerospace & defense sector via the ETFs: ITA, XAR & PPA, as well as the leading stocks within the sector: BA, UTX, LMT, GD, RTN & NOC. ?playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Are Defense Stocks A Buy?

Question posted in the trading room last night which I figured that I'd respond to on the front page for all to see: Randy when you get the chance some day, can you take a look at the US defense sector please (including stocks like LMT, GD, HON, BA, etc)? I am thinking this sector may be a good buy at some point if we can ever get a decent market correction, given how Trump and both parties seem to want to increase defense spending. Thanks Actually, I just looked at them after watching the 7 minute condensed version of Trump's [...]

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Aerospace & Defense Sector Overview

I've put together a video covering the Aerospace & Defense Sector and a dozen of the individual components with charts that stood out to me.  As a lot has happened in the markets over the last few weeks that has damped the longer-term bearish case and strengthened the bullish case, a dilemma has developed lately which is a very obscure, or more precise, a conflicting technical picture.  From a longer-term perspective (weekly charts), I continue to believe that the technicals are bearish.  Nearly all major US indices are at or near key multi-year resistance while most or all have recently broken [...]

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