SPG & SRS update

SPG could finally be starting to break that sub-channel uptrend line but we need to see it continue to move lower from here, preferably with some impulsive selling or a solid close below that line today.  if/when that happen, the SRS trade should start moving up nicely (although it's still up 5% from entry, which was the 60 min falling wedge breakout).

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SRS 60 min update

continues to bounce off the uptrend line so far and notice how the bounces are increasingly getting bigger....  

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SPG/IYR/SRS update

SPG (the overweighted king of the REIT sector) bounced right off that daily uptrend line/bottom of the 60 minute channel that i highlighted earlier (click here to reference those notes).  Regardless of the expected bounce off support today, this continues to be one of my favorite trades right now.  Here are a couple of the previous charts along with today's updated charts for both SPG and SRS.  on the SRS 60 min updated chart i have added a white horizontal support line in addition to the blue uptrend line that i've been tracking.  a more conservative trader could use a break [...]

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SRS 60 min update

IYR/DRN short - SRS long continues to be one of my favorite etf trades.  noticed how SRS moved up nicely (IYR down) right out of the gates this morning despite the gap up in the broad markets and continues to find support on that up-trend line that i highlighted in the last 60 min chart update.

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SRS 60 minute update

the SRS long (IYR/DRN short) trade still looks constructive at this point, especially considering that the SPX made a new high today.  SRS remains in an uptrend since breaking out as illustrated by this orange line that i added to the chart here.  for those in the trade that prefer tight stops, you might consider walking your stops up a little below that line.  otherwise, a stop at entry (the falling wedge breakout) might be appropriate.

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SRS – reits short update

SRS / IYR or DRN short continues to be one of my favorite trades right now.  60 min SRS charts below, in order, including today's updated chart.  up 4% from breakout but plenty of meat left on the bone on this one if things play out as expected.  if you took it pre or post break-out, considered placing stops below entry to assure at least a breakeven on the trade as until all equity indexes have confirmed a breakdown on the 60 min charts, this is still a counter-trend trade.  i will leave this categorized as both an active trade and [...]

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