AKS & Steel Sector Analysis

Member @murphydoc inquired within the trading room if AKS (AK Steel Holding Corp) & the steel sector might have bottomed along with AKS's earnings induced rally today. My opinion on the next major trend in the steel sector isn't as strong as it was back in January when the I [...]

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SLX, AKS & Steel Sector Analysis

Member @teeps01 inquired about AKS (AK Steel) within the trading room. AKS, along with the other steel stocks are bouncing today, largely if not exclusively due to the fact that SLX (Steel ETF) is bouncing after the first tag of the primary uptrend line in months. The first tag of [...]

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AKS First Price Target Hit for 15% Gain

AKS (AK Steel) has hit the first target (8.30) for a gain of 14.5%. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering your stops if holding out for T2 or the potential (but still not official) T3. At this point, it would be prudent to lower stops to 10.15, just [...]

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AKS Swing Trade Update

AKS (AK Steel Holding Corp) is currently indicated to gap up on earnings today, trading at 9.82 in pre-market right now (or at least when I started to compose this update). That is only 11 cents above the entry price of 9.71 & right around the 9.75 resistance zone. A [...]

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Stock Market, Precious Metals/Miners & Trade Ideas Update (video)

This video starts with analysis on gold, silver, platinum & GDX, followed by coverage of the US stock market (via SPY, QQQ & IWM) various sectors & some of the recent trade ideas posted on Right Side Of The Chart.

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Steel Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

It appears that the steel sector & various individual steel stocks are setting up as potentially lucrative & objective swing trading opportunities. The following video begins with an overview of the steel sector followed by coverage of the following steel stocks: MT, STLD, GGB, X, AKS, WOR, FRD, GSIH & [...]

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AKS Unofficial Short Trade Idea

AKS looks to once again offer an objective short entry following the break of this most recent uptrend line. Unofficial trade idea for now although it might be added as an official short trade with targets & suggested stops next week after the Brexit distraction has passed. Props to member [...]

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