Railroad & Transportation Sector Analysis (video)

Analysis on the railroad sector & several major railroad stocks that look to offer objective trade entries followed by a brief overview of IYT (transportation sector ETF) as well as the trucking sector and $XAL (airline index).

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Short Trades Removed

In updating the trade ideas today, the following stocks will be removed from the Active Trades category to the Completed Trades category in order to focus on the most attractive opportunities at this time.  Many of these trades have already hit a profit target or remain profitable at this time while a few are slightly underwater at this time. HOV- Although this trade is still profitable and may very well continue lower to hit one or both of its price targets, HOV has been locked in a frustrating trading range ever since the entry earlier this year.  In order to focus [...]

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UNP Short Entry or Add-on

UNP offers an objective short entry here as it is backtesting the recently broken rising wedge pattern.  Note the strong divergences that were put in place at the recent highs.

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Attractive Short Entries

I'm balancing working through some of the programming issues on the site today with trying to post some of the short-side trade ideas that look to be currently offering an objective entry or add-on.  In fact, I have an unusually large amount of very attractive short candidates on my watch-list and with today's large gap having been faded as expected, the bearish scenario is alive and well. As I'm trying to juggle my own trading with the programming issues and posting actionable trade ideas, I'll just share some of the more attractive looking short trades at this time.  These are all [...]

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