Short Trade Ideas Category Updated

In updating the trade ideas today, the following Short Trade Ideas have either hit their final profit target, were stopped out as per the previously suggested stop criteria (SOAPSC) or no longer look attractive from a risk/reward perspective. Some of these stopped out short trades hit one or more profit targets before reversing & exceeding their suggested stop while others failed to reach any downside profit target. As always, all completed trade ideas on RSOTC are archived indefinitely under the Completed Trades category for future reference. AON: Dropped 10% following the short entry before reversing just shy of the T1, the [...]

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AON Objective Short Entry or Add-on

AON daily Sept 23rd AON (Aon PLC) was added directly as an Active Short Trade back on July 25th immediately following the breakdown below this multi-year uptrend line. Following the initial thrust lower, AON bounced, largely in sympathy with the broad markets & financial sector,  to make a perfect backtest of the trendline from below. Following that backtest, AON went on to break below this minor, sub-uptrend line which formed a bearish rising wedge-type pattern just below the primary uptrend line. At this point, AON still offers an objective entry or add-on to an existing position with a stop-loss [...]

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Insurance Sector Overview (video)

This video covers the 10 largest components of the KIE (SPDRs KBW Insurance Index ETF) by market capitalization (not the actually top ten components of the ETF, which uses a different methodology other than a pure market cap weighting). My reason for selecting the 10 largest components of the KBW Insurance sector was to make the case that I was not cherry picking the most bearish looking chart patterns out of the KBW Insurance Index, rather to point out the fact that nearly, if not all, of the top 10 largest components of the sector (by market cap) have all set [...]

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Shorting AON

AON daily July 25th AON (AON plc) offers an objective short entry here on the break of this bearish rising wedge pattern. T1(77.08) is the sole profit target at this time with a suggested stop over 90.50. click here to view the live, annotated chart of AON

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