Insurance Sector Overview (video)

This video covers the 10 largest components of the KIE (SPDRs KBW Insurance Index ETF) by market capitalization (not the actually top ten components of the ETF, which uses a different methodology other than a pure market cap weighting). My reason for selecting the 10 largest components of the KBW Insurance sector was to make [...]

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PRU short update- T1 hit

very nice impulsive selling after that 60 min uptrend channel broke-down today.  PRU as well as most of the big insurers that i track were down on volume today after failing at key resistance. first target was hit today but i added an 2nd target which i think is likely to be hit soon as [...]

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trade updates

just a quick update on some of the recently posted trades ideas.  i will update some of the charts later this evening but you can enter any symbol below into the search bar towards the upper right-side of the page to view the most recent post with charts/notes on the trade or set-up listed below: [...]

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