Insurance Sector Overview (video)

This video covers the 10 largest components of the KIE (SPDRs KBW Insurance Index ETF) by market capitalization (not the actually top ten components of the ETF, which uses a different methodology other than a pure market cap weighting). My reason for selecting the 10 largest components of the KBW [...]

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AIG target hit

as posted below, i'm spending some time updating the trade ideas on the site.  AIG hit T1 on friday and monday, offering plenty of opportunity to take profits.

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financial sector bear-flags

when i look at XLF (financial sector etf) and it's components, i see tons of bear flags and bearish pennants on the daily to 60 minute frames.  here's some 4 hour charts and several XLF components.  i'm aware that the last few days have had an underlying bullish tone, with [...]

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AIG short set-up

not sure if anyone took this since i posted it on monday night, after the channel breakdown & it popped back up into the channel the next morning (uncle ben & co. have a big vested interest in this one and may try to defend it from technical breakdowns).  still [...]

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Trade Ideas Video

For optimal viewing, choose the "Watch on YouTube" option, then choose the HD quality and Large player settings the bottom right of the video window. MAY 30th UPDATE:  PLEASE NOTE THAT SEVERAL OF THE TRADES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS VIDEO HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED AND ARE NOT LONGER ACTIVE TRADES.  THEREFORE, [...]

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