Global Stock Market Analysis (video)

Technical analysis of major global stock indices including the U.S. markets via various index tracking ETFs. The following country ETFs are covered in this order: SPY (USA) EWJ (Japan) EWG (Germany) EWY (South Korea) EWZ (Brazil) EWC (Canada) EWT (Taiwan) EWU (United Kingdom) EWH (Hong Kong) EWA (Australia) EWW (Mexico) EWL (Switzerland) EWP (Spain) EWI [...]

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Analysis Of Global Stock Markets (video)

The following video provides analysis of 20 global stock markets via the charts of the iShares global ETFs, several of which look to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Entry points, price targets & key technical levels are highlighted for each.For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular country, the following ETF [...]

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$TSX Composite Backtesting Wedge Following Failed Breakout

Member @lee1 requested an update on the $TSX within the trading room. In reviewing the charts, I figured that the recent technical developments in Canada's largest index warrants a front page post at this time. $TSX weekly April 7th In the previous update, I had pointed out the recent 'double-tap' overbought cluster as [...]

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$TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Poised for a Correction

It appears likely that the $TSX (S&P/TSX Composite Index) is headed back down to at least the 14962 area following the recent failure at the 2014 all-time highs. Note the large negative divergences that have been building & were recently confirmed with the PPO, MACD & RSI all turning back down following the recent failure [...]

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Long Trade Ideas (video)

An overview of the active long trade ideas plus several other long trade ideas that look compelling at this time, both swing trades as well as longer-term Growth & Income trade ideas. The video starts out covering the Active Long Trade ideas, followed by about 9 unofficial but compelling trade ideas. For those wising to [...]

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