Gold Mining Stocks Trade Ideas (video)

A brief overview of gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures) followed by detailed analysis, including price targets for my top picks within the components of GDX (gold miners ETF). This video starts out with brief analysis on gold & the gold mining sector via GLD, /GC & GDX followed by the outlook for the following gold & siver mining stocks (in this order): NEM, ABX, GOLD, KGC, AU, BTG, SBGL, EDV.TO (EDVMF), AGI, AUY, DGC.TO (DRGDF), PAAS, OGC.TO (OCANF), NGD, HL, TAHO, CDE, AG, SMF.TO (SEMFF), SSRM, TXG.TO, FVI.TO (FSM), SAND, GUY.TO (GUYFF), HMY & MUX. Playback speed can be [...]

Long-Term Trades Category Updated

In spending time updating the trade ideas to make room for some new trading candidates, the following Long-term Trade Ideas will be moved to the Completed Trades category. These trades may or may not have hit one or more profit targets but all have either exceeded their previously suggested stop criteria, exceeded any reasonable stop (if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a risk-reward perspective. All completed trades, including all related posts & charts associated with each trade, are indefinitely archived in the Completed Trades category (and respective sub-categories) for future reference. Long-term Trades are trade or investment [...]

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Gold & Gold Mining Sector Overview (Video)

The following video covers spot gold prices as well as the gold mining sector including some of my top picks as potential long-term trade/investment ideas. As this video is quite lengthy, a brief summary of the items covered can be found in this order: About the first 6 minutes discusses the big picture on spot gold prices ($GOLD) with some comments on the mining sector as well. Starting at the 6:25 mark, I begin covering the daily & weekly charts of some of the most promising long-term trade candidates in the gold & silver mining sector in the following order: AU, [...]

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HMY (Harmony Gold) At Support

HMY (Harmony Gold Mining Co.) is one of the top picks in the mining sector that were added to the Live Charts page a few months ago around the time the sector bottomed.  After recently hitting the third profit target a couple of weeks ago, HMY reversed and has now pulled back to the former T1 level, which is now support (see daily chart).  Zooming down to the 60 minute time frame, we can see that HMY is approaching the bottom of the Feb 14th gap which is also the top of a thin zone on the volume at price histogram [...]

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HMY Update + T3 Hit

HMY daily March 20th HMY (Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.) hit the 3rd profit target (T3) last week and has since pulled back and is currently trading just above the T2 level, which is now support. Therefore, HMY could provide an objective entry, add-on or re-entry here with stops somewhat below the former second target support level.  Update static daily chart shown. Click here to view the live chart of HMY

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