GLD, SLV & GPL Updates

SLV managed to trade & close above the key 14.70ish resistance level on Wednesday & Thursday but so far today, prices have fallen back below... a bearish sign for SLV, should it not be able to quickly regain & close back above. With GLD still below comparable key resistance, I would put odds on the fact that Wednesday's breakout will prove to be a whipsaw signal. In the previous update on SLV & GLD a couple of days ago, I had stated that "SLV has managed to regain the recently highlighted 14.70 key resistance level although a solid close above that [...]

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Bullish Breakouts in Silver (SLV) & GPL

SLV has broken above this descending price channel. Should it go on to solidly regain the 14.70ish resistance (former triple bottom support) level, that would bode very well for the longer-term bullish case. SLV daily Aug 10th GPL (Great Panther Silver) has broken above this (blue) bullish falling wedge but so far, stalled at the 0.38 resistance level. All white lines mark overhead resistance/potential price targets. My thoughts on SLV, GPL & the entire precious metal mining sector are this: I'm still leaning towards the longer-term bullish case, however, like GLD needing to reclaim the trendline support recently highlighted [...]

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GPL Final Target Hit & Misc. Notes

GPL Final Target Hit GPL (Great Panther Silver) hit the third & final target (1.33) on Thursday as well as Friday, providing a quick 33% gain on this trade in just eight trading sessions. As T3 was the final target, GPL will be moved to the Completed Trades category where all associated posts will be archived for future reference. As mentioned last week, I had to leave town Friday morning, shutting down early on Thursday in preparation for the trip (hence, the reason for the late update on this trade) and returned last night. I've received numerous inquires on [...]

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GPL (Great Panther Silver) Long Setup

GPL (Great Panther Silver) will trigger a long entry on a break above this bullish falling wedge pattern. Note how the previous oversold readings, 5 in total last year, all lead to significant rallies in this mining stock. With prices having already rallied about 12.5% since the recent oversold reading and considering where prices are now in relation to the wedge formation, GPL could possible make one more pullback within the wedge before breaking out. With prices currently just below the top of the wedge pattern, if a breakout does occur before then my preference will be to only take a [...]

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