Top Gold & Silver Mining Stock Picks (video)

Technical analysis on my favorite trade ideas within the gold mining sector covering the outlook for a total of 13 individual gold & silver mining stocks. The following stocks are covered in this order: SBGL, CDE, TAHO, SSRM, AG, MUX, BVN, EGO, FNV, RGLD, KGC, GFi & IAG. Video playback speed can be increased in [...]

BVN long update

BVN is one of several active long mining stocks that has pulled back after coming within 1 cent of it's first target.  BVN made a successful backtest of the downtrend line on that pullback and has since moved higher.  Like most of the other mining stocks, these pullbacks are healthy behavior as they help to [...]

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BVN long

BVN is another mining stock that I've been watching which has triggered a long entry on the break of these dual resistance levels (downtrend & horizontal resistance).  I would prefer to see more volume on this move but as I've been stating, low volume breakout, although a possible sign of non-confirmation, seem to be the [...]

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