Technical Analysis of Global Equity Markets (video)

Technical analysis of global stock market via US & global stock market ETFs. Note: I mistakenly stated today as Wednesday in the video instead of Tuesday. playback speed can be increased by 1.25 or 1.5x in the setting to reduce video duration

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Global Stock Market Analysis (video)

Technical analysis of major global stock indices including the U.S. markets via various index tracking ETFs. The following country ETFs are covered in this order: SPY (USA) EWJ (Japan) EWG (Germany) EWY (South Korea) EWZ (Brazil) EWC (Canada) EWT (Taiwan) EWU (United Kingdom) EWH (Hong Kong) EWA (Australia) EWW (Mexico) EWL (Switzerland) EWP (Spain) EWI (Italy) EWS (Singapore) EWQ (France) EWM (Malaysia) EWD (Sweden) EWN (Netherlands) EWK (Belgium) EWO (Austria)

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Analysis Of Global Stock Markets (video)

The following video provides analysis of 20 global stock markets via the charts of the iShares global ETFs, several of which look to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Entry points, price targets & key technical levels are highlighted for each.For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular country, the following ETF are covered in this order: EWJ (Japan) EWG (Germany) EWY (South Korea)* EWZ (Brazil) EWC (Canada) EWT (Taiwan) EWU (United Kingdom) EWH (Hong Kong) EWA (Australia) EWW (Mexico)* EWL (Switzerland) EWP (Spain) EWI (Italy) EWS (Singapore) EWQ (France)* EWM (Malaysia) EWD (Sweden)* EWN (Netherlands)* EWK (Belgium)* [...]

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Analysis of London & Sydney Markets

By request of a couple of members on the other side of the pond, here's my take on the London FTSE 100, Sydney All Ordinaries & the S&P ASX 200 Composite Indices. Following the recent breakout above significant resistance to new highs, the $FTSE is now back-testing that level, now key support, from above. While this pullback to support could provide an objective long entry with a resumption of the uptrend to following, the charts appear to indicate that the recent breakout is likely to fail with more downside in the coming weeks or months. $FTSE daily Jan 30th [...]

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Long Trade Ideas (video)

An overview of the active long trade ideas plus several other long trade ideas that look compelling at this time, both swing trades as well as longer-term Growth & Income trade ideas. The video starts out covering the Active Long Trade ideas, followed by about 9 unofficial but compelling trade ideas. For those wising to skip ahead to a particular trade, the following stocks are discussed in this order: ABY, LL, MOS, NAT, PEIX, POT, SOYB, WMB, NRF, SPLS, CSX, BBD.B.TO, FXI, RSX, EWA, & EWC.

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Select Global Equity Markets Breaking Out

As a follow-up to Sunday's Global Equity Markets Overview video, two of the three of the countries that I had highlighted as setting up bullishly have since made clear breakouts of the patterns and/or resistance levels that were highlighted. $TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) has broken out of the bull flag pattern that was highlighted in Sunday's video. One way for those of us 'yankees' to gain direct & diversified exposure to Canada is through EWC is the iShares MSCI Candadian Index Fund ETF. I also plan to scan for any attractive $TSX listed stocks this week, with any standouts to be [...]

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