Gold & Silver Miners Trade Ideas

This video starts with a brief overview of gold, silver, platinum, GDX & the US Dollar followed with some of my favorite trade ideas in the gold mining sector. The following securities are covered in this order: EUR/USD, GLD, SLV, PPLT, ABX, FNV, WPM, GOLD, RGLD, KGC, BVN, AU, GFI, IAG, AUY, PAAS, BTG, AGI, TAHO, OR, HL, CDE, AG, SBGL, NGD, EGO & HMY. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration

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Gold Mining Stocks Trade Ideas (video)

A brief overview of gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures) followed by detailed analysis, including price targets for my top picks within the components of GDX (gold miners ETF). This video starts out with brief analysis on gold & the gold mining sector via GLD, /GC & GDX followed by the outlook for the following gold & siver mining stocks (in this order): NEM, ABX, GOLD, KGC, AU, BTG, SBGL, EDV.TO (EDVMF), AGI, AUY, DGC.TO (DRGDF), PAAS, OGC.TO (OCANF), NGD, HL, TAHO, CDE, AG, SMF.TO (SEMFF), SSRM, TXG.TO, FVI.TO (FSM), SAND, GUY.TO (GUYFF), HMY & MUX. Playback speed can be [...]

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Gold, Silver & Mining Sector At Key Technical Levels (video)

Gold, silver & the mining stocks are at or near key resistance levels. Should both the metals & the miners make a solid & sustained break above resistance, that would bode very well for the longer-term outlook for the precious metals & mining sector. However, with the miners & metals at or near major resistance, the chances of a near-term pullback are elevated at this time. This video start with a quick overview of GLD (gold ETF), SLV (silver ETF) and GDX (gold miners ETF), followed by a look at the charts of the top components of GDX including several trading [...]

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Long-Term Trades Category Updated

In spending time updating the trade ideas to make room for some new trading candidates, the following Long-term Trade Ideas will be moved to the Completed Trades category. These trades may or may not have hit one or more profit targets but all have either exceeded their previously suggested stop criteria, exceeded any reasonable stop (if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a risk-reward perspective. All completed trades, including all related posts & charts associated with each trade, are indefinitely archived in the Completed Trades category (and respective sub-categories) for future reference. Long-term Trades are trade or investment [...]

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AUY Price Targets + GDX Comments

GLD 120 minute Aug 12th I haven't had much to say regarding gold & gold mining stocks as nothing technical has changed since the highlighted bullish falling wedge breakout in GLD last week on the 60 & 120 minute time frames. That was the first bullish catalyst that I was looking for and as I've repeatedly stated, my primary focus is on gold prices as the miners will ultimately follow the metal. Although we did get an impulsive breakout of that 60-120 minute bullish falling wedge, there is still some work to be done in order to solidify the [...]

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AUY (Yamana Gold) Long Entry & Setup

AUY (Yamana Gold Inc) will be added as an Active Long Trade & Long-term Trade idea around current levels (8.10ish). As this is an attempt to catch a bottom in the stock which has now fallen over 60% from its peak just over 6 months ago, AUY should be considered an aggressive trade. That, coupled with the inherent extreme volatility in the gold mining stocks, favors a downward adjustment in position sizing on this trade (as little as 1/2 - 1/4 my typical position size). What I like about AUY, other than the fact that I continue to believe the gold [...]

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