Technical Analysis of Global Equity Markets (video)

Technical analysis of global stock market via US & global stock market ETFs. Note: I mistakenly stated today as Wednesday in the video instead of Tuesday. playback speed can be increased by 1.25 or 1.5x in the setting to reduce video duration

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Global Stock Market Analysis (video)

Technical analysis of major global stock indices including the U.S. markets via various index tracking ETFs. The following country ETFs are covered in this order: SPY (USA) EWJ (Japan) EWG (Germany) EWY (South Korea) EWZ (Brazil) EWC (Canada) EWT (Taiwan) EWU (United Kingdom) EWH (Hong Kong) EWA (Australia) EWW (Mexico) EWL (Switzerland) EWP (Spain) EWI (Italy) EWS (Singapore) EWQ (France) EWM (Malaysia) EWD (Sweden) EWN (Netherlands) EWK (Belgium) EWO (Austria)

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Analysis Of Global Stock Markets (video)

The following video provides analysis of 20 global stock markets via the charts of the iShares global ETFs, several of which look to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Entry points, price targets & key technical levels are highlighted for each.For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular country, the following ETF are covered in this order: EWJ (Japan) EWG (Germany) EWY (South Korea)* EWZ (Brazil) EWC (Canada) EWT (Taiwan) EWU (United Kingdom) EWH (Hong Kong) EWA (Australia) EWW (Mexico)* EWL (Switzerland) EWP (Spain) EWI (Italy) EWS (Singapore) EWQ (France)* EWM (Malaysia) EWD (Sweden)* EWN (Netherlands)* EWK (Belgium)* [...]

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Global Equity Markets Poised To Fall

Let's take a quick look at some of the major global stock markets from a longer-term perspective (10-year weekly charts). Starting with the S&P 500, with prices recently rolling off the top of the large broadening wedge pattern as well as the recent bearish cross on the weekly PPO, along with many other factors, it looks like the SPX is headed to at least the 1820 support level in the coming weeks to months. S&P 500 10-year weekly Sept 18th By nearly all accounts, it appears that the 29% bear market in the Tokyo Nikkei Index since the mid-2015 [...]

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Bullish Sectors, Commodities & Countries (video)

Going forward, I plan to do regular updates covering the most attractive sectors, commodities and/or countries as well as the most bearish (for short trading opportunities). In doing so, I will cover the tracking ETFs, which may help less active traders & investors, as well as those the prefer the simplicity & diversity afforded by trading or investing in ETFs vs. individual stocks. The diversity provided by the various holdings within an ETF can also be particularly useful when trading during earnings season, which is currently underway, as the risk of being caught on the wrong side of an earnings-induced gap [...]

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