Short Trades Removed

The following short trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category.  Some of these trades were profitable, hitting a price target before bouncing while others were stopped out for a loss.  In in effort to streamline the number of Active Trades on the site, I plan to continue removing [...]

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MDCO First Target Hit

The MDCO short trade hit the first target (30.00) last week for a 9.3% gain from the entry on June 13th. As expected, the stock has been consolidating around that level for the last few days and still offers a chance to book partial or full profits.  T2 at 26.85 [...]

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Shorting MDCO

MDCO will be added as an Active Short Trade here as it backtests this recently broken Ascending Broadening Top Pattern.  From a longer-term perspective, MDCO has fallen back below the recent breakout to multi-year highs, a bearish technical even.  Targets listed on daily chart, suggested stop over 34.70. Daily & [...]

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Active short trades to be removed

In updating the trade ideas on the site, the following trades will be removed from the Active Short Trades category.  These trades have either hit one or more profit targets, exceeded their suggested (or any reasonable) stop criteria, or based on the technicals, these trades no longer offer a very [...]

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Russell 2000 video overview

I've received a few comments lately regarding the strength of the Russell 2000 (small caps) so I made this video to share my thoughts on the index.  I also covered the charts on the following components of that index in order to get a better feel on where the index [...]

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MDCO short T2 hit

MDCO hit T2 shortly before the close today for about a 16% gain from entry (it was posted along with my other favorite biotech shorts on Sunday, Oct. 21st and opened at 24.61 the next day).  I do favor T3 on this trade although booking some or possibly all profits [...]

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Biotech Short Trade Ideas Video

The biotech sector remainS one of my favorite short trade ideas and I've put together this video covering the charts of the 14 biotech stocks that I posted on October 21st as my favorite individual shorts in the sector (click here to view that post).  Also discussed are the IBB, [...]

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biotech short trade ideas

one of my favorite sectors to short at this time is the biotech sector.  in fact, there are so many nice charts that i really can't pick any one or two favorites (although the recently triggered BIIB active trade is one of my top picks).  therefore, i will try to [...]

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