AA Stop Triggered

The AA (Alcoa Inc) long trade hit the first target, T1 at 11.13 for a quick 8.5% gain on April 27th. At that time, along with my concerns for a correction in the basic material sector, it was suggested to raise stops to any print of 10.85, which so far was the LOD in AA. This revised stop provided a 4.6% for those that did not book profits at T1. As such, this trade is will now be removed from the Active Trade category with all associated posts to be reassigned to the Completed Trades category. AA daily May 2nd [...]

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AA First Price Target Hit for 9% Gain in 6 Trading Sessions

The AA (Alcoa Inc) Active Swing Trade & Long-term Trade has hit T1 (11.13) today for an 8.5% profit in just 6 trading sessions since the entry on April 19th. Upon further review of the charts, including my expectation for a correction in the basic materials sector, I am revising the max. suggested stop to any print of 10.85 in order to protect profits on this trade. Previous & updated daily charts:

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Bearish Sectors (video)

This is a follow-up to the Bullish Sectors video published on Tuesday. This video takes a look at some of the more bearish sectors that might provide attractive shorting opportunities as either a pure-play short or a hedge to long exposure with a trading or investing account. These sector ETFs are discussed in the following order: XBI, IBB, PBE, XLV, XLB, XLU, AA (an individual stock within the basic materials sector, XLK and XLF. Note: These are only unofficial trade ideas at this time although the ticker symbols will appear under the Short Trade Setups category.

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AA Final Target Hit for a 15.5% Gain

AA daily Oct 15th The AA (Alcoa Inc.) short trade hit the final target, T2 at 14.05 for a 15.5% gain yesterday, exactly one month after the short entry at 16.62. Consider booking full profits as T2 was the final target on this trade.     click here to view the live daily chart of AA Note: For those signed up for email notifications, updates may be posted on a few other trades that have recently hit a price target as I'm updating the trade ideas today. In order to reduce inbox clutter, notifications may not be sent out on all [...]

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AA First Price Target Hit

AA T1 Hit Oct 2nd The AA (Alcoa Inc) short trade has hit the first profit target, T1 at 15.23, for an 8.4% gain. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering stops if holding out for T2. T2 at 14.05 remains the final target for the AA short trade for now. There are some other trades hitting profits targets today with updates to be posted when time permits. Updates on trade breakouts (triggered entries) and significant market developments always take priority over trades hitting price targets or those stopped out. As always, it is best to have standing [...]

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AA Price Targets Added, Bear Flag Breakdown

AA daily Sept 22nd AA (Alcoa Inc), which was added directly as an Active Short Trade a week ago today, has broken below what appears to be a bear flag pattern. Bear flags are continuation patterns with a projected measured move roughly equal to the length of the flagpole (i.e.- the sharp move down from the recent highs leading up to the pattern). This updated daily chart also lists the suggested buy-to-cover levels, T1 at 15.23 & T2 at 14.05. The suggested target levels on short trades are placed slight above the actual resistance/expected bounce levels in order to [...]

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