Trade Ideas Overview (video)

An overview of some of the recent individual stock & sector trade ideas, both long & short, shared on Right Side Of The Chart. For those wanting to skip ahead to a particular trade idea, the following stocks & ETFs are covered in this order: CARA, TEVA, USRM, CLVS, NVDA, [...]

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CLVS Support Level Breakdown & Backtest

The CLVS (Clovis Oncology) Active Short Trade broke down below the 60.47 minor support level today, bringing the trade to an 8.3% gain before reversing & currently back-testing the former support, now resistance level from below. Previous & updated 60-minute charts: Today's reversal in CLVS, with the stock [...]

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CLVS Swing Trade Setup & Entry

CLVS (Clovis Oncology) gapped below this 60-minute bearish rising wedge today & is currently backtesting it from below, thereby offering an objective short entry with a stop on a 60-minute close above 68.50. Zooming out to the daily time frame, CLVS has run into significant resistance while oversold & with [...]

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CLVS Short To Gap Down Towards Price Target

The CLVS (Clovis Oncology Inc) Active Short Trade is trading sharply lower in pre-market, as low as 25.20 so far vs. the sole price target of 26.61. One could close the short trade here in pre-market in excess of that target or wait until the open & close the position, [...]

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