Short Trades Updated-Part I

The following Short Trades have been moved to the Completed Trades category as they have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop criteria, if none listed) or they no longer look compelling from a risk/reward perspective: AMTD: Regained the uptrend line shortly after the breakdown & went on to exceed any reasonable stop. AMTD may be added back as a new short setups soon as the charts have come full circle & once again look ripe for a correction. CBOE:  This trade bounced, as expected, off of the S1 support level but continued moving higher, exceeding any reasonable stop. [...]

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CBOE Short Trade Update

The CBOE short is playing out as expected so far after bouncing off minor support around the 48.25 level. Today's gap higher offered another objective entry with the next sell signal to come on a break below 44.18.  Previous & updated daily charts below:

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Shorting CBOE

CBOE daily Jan 8th As with the previous posted CME breakdown, CBOE (CBOE Holdings) has also recently broken below a key uptrend line with divergences in place and will be added as an Active Short Trade here just above the 50 level.  CBOE looks likely to be headed to the 44.50 area (T1 = 44.62) but is likely to have a reaction (bounce or pause) around the 48.25 level on the way there.  Suggested stop above 52 or lower.

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