CS T4 hit & exceeded, closing trade early

The CS long has hit and exceeded T4 and although I had T5 listed as the final target, I am going to removed the trade early here at 25.57 and move CS to the completed trades category.  Although T5 is possible over time, there are now significant negative divergences in place on the daily time frame and due to the large gains on this trade, I no longer believe the R/R warrants remaining long at this point.  Charts in order as posted: There are also several short trades that have exceeded their suggest stop parameters recently.  I plan to update the [...]

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CS T3 hit & exceeded

the CS long has made a solid breakout above that downtrend line that i added to the last chart.  prices hit T3 yesterday and have exceeded that level today, opening the door for T4 to be hit soon.  currently, i'm leaning slightly towards T4 as my preferred target although i will leave T5 as the final target for now but might close the trade before then if the broad markets start to rollover.  updated daily chart:

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CS long update

here's the previous and updated daily charts of the CS long.  as you can see from the updated chart, i've added a downtrend line at which the stock found resistance and turned down, just shy of the 3rd target.  for those still long and depending on your entry level(s), an stop not too far below the T1 level looks ideal.  CS remains a long-term trade idea and i will add additional upside targets if the stock manages to break above that downtrend line.  however, for tracking purposes, i will remove CS from the active trades category on a close below the [...]

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CS update

the CS long set-up posted after the close yesterday is offering an objective long-side entry on this pullback as it re-tests the recently broken bullish falling wedge.  again, i consider this an aggressive trade as CS is flirting with making a new all-time low.  do not become complacent with your stops if you decide to take this one.  i prefer a gradual scale-in with this trade vs. taking a full-position here as it may want to dip lower before moving higher, possibly even spike under the recent lows once more before moving up.  i started with a small initial position here [...]

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CS long

CS is a potential bottoming play with what i believe is a very nice risk/reward ratio but be aware that bottoming plays should be considered aggressive trades.  also keep in mind that the european financial crisis is far from over and if things go from bad to worse, then credit suisse will likely be leading the procession of large bank failures.  with that being said, CS broke above this bullish falling wedge (daily chart), with nice positive divergence in place to boot. from a weekly perspective, volume patterns could be indicating a possible selling climax lately as prices have fallen to [...]

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