STM T1 hit & exceeded

the STM long has hit & exceeded the first target today and is currently up 29.7% from entry.  over the weekend, i plan to clean up the active trade ideas, both short and long, in order to condense the list to the most favorable trades as well as make room for some new trade ideas.  on the STM long, i had extended the stop parameter from the original post as i moved this to a long-term trade idea so i'd imagine that many traders were already stopped out.  being that i still believe that the odds for a very sharp & [...]

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STM update

STM traded below the suggested stop level a few weeks back, which should have been a sell trigger for active traders.  however, this stock still looks fairly constructive on the weekly and daily charts.  being that STM is listed in the Long-Term Trades category, i will leave it on as an active trade for now since it is still within a normal stop allowance range for a longer-term trader targeting the final target.  T4 is around 10.00 and considering the posted entry on this trade was less than .70 above current levels, calculating a 6:1 R/R on the trade (risk to [...]

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STM 60 minute 1st target hit

STM has hit the first target on the 60 minute time frame.  remember, this trade is also listed under the Long Term Trades category and has different targets for longer-term traders/investors based on the daily chart.  more active traders targeting the near-term targets might want to book partial or full profits here and/or raise stops.

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STM long & new trade idea categories

STM was a successful long trade posted earlier this year which hit the first target on the daily frame and then pulled back sharply.  i recently posted it as a second long-side trade based off the 60 minute chart but removed it from the active trades category when my own tight stop was hit while also suggesting a wider stop for those longer-term traders wanting to give it some room, thereby leaving it as an "unofficial" active trade.  i am adding this back on as a long trade idea and have included the updated 60 minute chart below with two ideal [...]

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STM update

although the STM active long trade isn't too far below entry, i just stopped out of my position as it is trading below this minor support line that i've been watching.  that, plus the fact that basically all the bear flags & pennants that i've posted lately have now clearly broken down, i am going to move STM to the completed trades category.  if you are in the trade and wish to give it a little more room, the next good support level is the 4.82 area so i think a stop just a few pennies (4.78ish) below would make sense.

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STM update

before i step out for a bit, i just wanted to add that i only favor T1 on the STM long trade at this point.  as such, i have place a limit order to sell all my shares just shy of that level, just in case it were to get there before i return in a hour or so.  the primary reasons for that is 1) it is a counter-trend trade and 2) T1 lines up with some resistance on the daily chart as well as the previously posted 60 minute charts that the trade was based off of.  

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STM targets revised

i just noticed that i had mistakenly labeled the first two resistance levels on that STM 60 minute chart both as R1.  those are corrected below and i have also added an additional target,T3.  for now, my preferred target is T2 (approx.18% from current levels) but i will try to keep this trade updated as i think it has the potential for a nice short-squeeze.  btw- i have added the second lot as R1 is cleared, stop slightly below the 4.80 area.  this is a potentially high-risk/high-reward trade for aggressive/nimble traders only.

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