AMKR long trade stopped out, NM close

FYI-  The AMKR long trade will be moved to the Completed Trades category.  The previous update on AMKR stated that it would be considered stopped out on a move below 4.40, which happened last Thursday. For those in the NM long, be advised that the stock is currently trading at 3.61 vs. the final suggested stop criteria on any move below 3.60.

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AMKR long update

I had planned to post a bunch of trade updates this morning but ended up at Home Depot buying, then replacing a broken light fixture in my office.  I avoided electrocution & I'm finally on-line so here's the first of the trade updates.  I'm going to focus on the few remaining active long trades first which brings me to AMKR. AMKR was originally posted when breaking out on Jan 8th but I suspected that breakout would fail, which it did, and that it would provide a more objective entry on a pullback to within the wedge.  As the previous chart (2nd [...]

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AMKR entry triggered

AMKR has made the requisite pullback to within the wedge followed by another breakout, which was the long entry trigger criteria posted with the trade setup on Jan 8th.  Therefore, AMKR will now be considered an active trade.  Price targets added to the updated chart below.

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AMKR final target hit

another text-book trade with AMKR closing right on T2 (final target) today for a 17.4% gain.  consider booking full profits.  charts in order as posted (today's last) for a quick visual of how the trade played out. i flagged the previous AMKR post/chart under the educational section as an example of how to trade around the various targets posted on some of the trade ideas here.  AMKR provided a second short entry (or add-on for anyone already in the trade) when it pushed back up to re-test T1 (former support, now resistance) from below.  that 2nd objective short entry provided about [...]

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AMKR short update

AMKR is an existing short that has already hit the first target (T1) but still has plenty of downside before T2. of course, as the chart below shows, the most objective 2nd entry or add-on to this trade would have been when prices pushed back to re-test the T1 area (remember, once support is broken, it becomes resistance and vice versa).  charts in reverse order with the most recent first, which illustrates how an active trader can utilize the multiple targets to trade around.  a longer-term swing trader who took this trade targeting T2 might have lowered their stops down to [...]

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