Analysis of XLP & Consumer Staples Trade Ideas

Technical analysis of XLP as well as the first 10 of 25 individual stocks within XLP (Consumer Staples Sector ETF) that stand out as potential trade ideas. As a good part of this video was spent discussing various considerations & technical developments within the consumer staples sector & technical analysis in general, only 10 of the 25 stocks that stand out were covered with analysis on the remaining 15 stocks to follow in a separate video. The following ETF & stocks are covered in this order: XLP, WMT, PG, KO, PEP, PM, MO, COST, KHC, CVS & WBA playback speed can [...]

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CVS Final Price Target Hit for 10.4% Profit

I'm doing some housekeeping today by updating the trade ideas which have recently hit one or more price targets and/or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. Most or all of these trades were already highlighted reaching their price target(s) or stop in recent videos & trading room posts. However, all official trade idea, successful or not, will always have a final update posted on the front page when all their associated posts are reassigned to the Completed Trades archives for future reference. The CVS (CVS Health Corporation) Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the second & final target, T2 [...]

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Swing Trade Ideas & Setups (video)

This video begins with an update on the Nasdaq 100 index & the potential stop-raid scenario highlighted earlier today followed by coverage of several trade ideas that stand out in the following order (starting at the 7:49 mark): Crude oil, lumber futures & the timber/forestry sector, Bitcoin via futures & GBTC, the US Dollar via futures & the EUR/USD pair along with a quick discussion of gold & GDX. Starting at the 25:24 mark, all active trade ideas on RSOTC followed by two unoffficial trades are covered in this order: Long Trades: XLP (stoppped out on Friday but still looks good), [...]

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CVS Fails to Breakout, Trade Setup Removed

The CVS Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade setup that was posted on March 8th managed to rally as high as 69.56, effectively testing but failing to surmount the 69.60 resistance level or the 66.66 buy trigger for a long position, with the stock rejected impulsively off that rally into resistance. As with any trade setup that does not breakout & trigger an entry, this was simply a potential trade setup that never morphed into an Active Trade. As the charts of CVS no longer look compelling at this time, this trade setup will be removed & assigned as an [...]

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CVS Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade Setup

Member @murphydoc requested an opinion on CVS (CVS Health Corporation) in the trading room & as a meaningful reversal & rally in the stock appears to be close at hand, CVS will be posted as a both a Long Swing Trade Setup as well as a Growth & Income Trade setup (descriptions of each trade category can be found at the top of each trade category located under Trade Ideas on the menu bar). CVS appears to have come full circle since the first chart below was posted in the Oct 4, 2016 post- Pharmacy Benefit Managers Poised for a New [...]

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