Short Trade Ideas Category Updated

In updating the trade ideas today, the following Short Trade Ideas have either hit their final profit target, were stopped out as per the previously suggested stop criteria (SOAPSC) or no longer look attractive from a risk/reward perspective. Some of these stopped out short trades hit one or more profit targets before reversing & exceeding their suggested stop while others failed to reach any downside profit target. As always, all completed trade ideas on RSOTC are archived indefinitely under the Completed Trades category for future reference. AON: Dropped 10% following the short entry before reversing just shy of the T1, the [...]

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FRC New Short Entry

FRC daily Oct 13th FRC (First Republic Back) was added as an Active Short Trade back on July 31 at a price of 46.88 with a relatively tight suggested stop of 48.10. The stock bounce a little further than I had anticipated (in sympathy with the broad market) and went on to slightly exceed that suggest stop level for a relatively minor loss of 2.6%. Therefore, that previous trade on FRC will be considered stopped out for a loss and that previous short-entry post will be re-assigned to the Completed Trades category where it will be archived indefinitely for [...]

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Shorting FRC

FRC daily July 31st FRC (First Republic Bank) offers an objective short entry here around current levels (46.88ish) as it sits just below resistance on the daily chart. FRC was discussed in this post a couple of weeks ago as it was one of numerous regional banks on my watchlist that fell too much, too fast following my price alert in order to post an objective short entry before I could get the chart marked up, uploaded and compose a post with notes & details on the trade. I did go ahead and added FRC as a Short Trade [...]

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FRC (First Republic Bank) High-Volume Breakdown

One of the reasons that I went ahead and shorted the KRE (Regional Banking Sector ETF) well ahead of the potential Head & Shoulders Pattern breakdown & in spite of a relentless uptrend in the broad market has as much to do with the technical posture of many of the individual regional banks within the sector. Since posting the official short entry on KRE shortly before the closing bell yesterday, I began mocking up charts & setting price alerts on some of [...]

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