investment brokerage sector – red flags still waving

if you missed the post on the investment brokerage sector last week, you might want to review it by clicking here.  here's the updated chart showing that this sector continues to be in near free-fall mode, with the entire sector down nearly 24% in less than just about the last 7 weeks.  i was going to post some of the individual charts of concern as i'd imagine the majority of people reading this post have money at one or more of the following brokerage firms.  however, since most of the charts look very similar, here are a few of the names [...]

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COWN short set-up

COWN is another big investment broker (see posts below) flirting with making a new all-time low, a very bearish technical event for a stock. COWN would trigger a short on a break below (preferable a close) the horizontal support line shown here.  targets TBD, stops on a close not too far above that line.  

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