The following Short Trades have been moved to the Completed Trades category as they have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop criteria, if none listed) or they no longer look compelling from a risk/reward perspective:

AMTD: Regained the uptrend line shortly after the breakdown & went on to exceed any reasonable stop. AMTD may be added back as a new short setups soon as the charts have come full circle & once again look ripe for a correction.

CBOE:  This trade bounced, as expected, off of the S1 support level but continued moving higher, exceeding any reasonable stop. The chart of CBOE closely mirrors AMTD and as such, CBOE may also be added back as a new short trade idea soon.

CMG: One of many short trades over the last few months that triggered an sell signal on a break below a well-defined uptrend line or technical pattern only to see prices sharply reverse & regain the pattern/trendline (i.e.- a bear-trap). As with some many of those failed short trades, CMG has also once again come full circle & looks to be setting up for another objective short entry. CMG, as with most of the other recently failed short trades, looks even better this time around as the divergences have grown even larger. Typically, the larger a technical pattern, including the divergences in place, the larger the expected correction. Click here to view the live, updated chart of CMG.

CVS: Hit the first target (T1) and then some shortly after an entry on the setup(a move below 69.15) was triggered & then reversed & continued to move higher, exceeding any reasonable stop.

ETFC: As with the related stocks mentioned above (AMTD &CBOE), the ETFC short trade did start to move impulsively lower immediately following the break below its primary uptrend line but suddenly reversed course to regain the trendline and exceed any reasonable stop criteria. As with those other two trades, ETFC is once again poised for a correction & may be added back as a new short trade idea soon.

GIS: The GIS short trade setup went on to trigger an entry on a break below the neckline of the head & shoulders pattern but reversed after falling about half way to the first profit target. The stock then moved above the suggested stop level of 49.20 for a very modest loss on the trade.

Note: All of the long trade ideas were updated last week along with a few other trade updates in which email notifications might not have been automatically sent. As of last week, the Long Trade Ideas were up-to-date and this is the first of a few updates that I am working on to bring all of the Short Trade Ideas current.