USCR Bear Flag Breakdown, Price Target

Nice impulsive move lower following the break below the previously highlighted bear flag on USCR (U.S. Concrete Inc). Still an unofficial trade idea although I've added a price target (same as T1 on the previous short trade from late 2015). USCR was posted as an unofficial trade idea in the trading room (click here to view) about 2 weeks ago while bear flagging shortly after break down from the 2nd clean bearish rising wedge pattern in the last 5 months. The previous USCR short trade on that late 2015 wedge break hit the final target for a 22% gain & reversed [...]

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USCR Final Price Target Hit for 22% Profit

The USCR (U.S. Concrete Inc) short trade idea has hit the final price target, T2 at 44.86, for a 21.8% gain in less than 2 months since entry (a testament to how stocks typically fall faster than they rise). Consider booking full profits as the R/R no longer warrants remaining short. USCR will be now be moved to the Completed Trades category. Previous & updated daily charts:

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USCR First Price Target Hit for 11% Gain

USCR (U.S. Concrete) has hit the first price target, T1 at 51.08, for a 10.9% gain. As prices have sliced right through that level, odds favor a continued move lower to the T2 level before any substantial reaction although any backtest of the 51 level would offer an objective add-on or new short entry with a stop somewhat above that level. USCR daily Jan 4th USCR was originally shared as a trade idea from Shambo in the trading room & posted as an official trade idea on the front end of the site here on Nov 18th (nice call [...]

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USCR Short Entry & Trade Setup

USCR (U.S. Concrete Inc.) offers an objective but fairly aggressive short entry here near the top of the rising wedge on the expectation of a trend reversal & breakdown below the wedge pattern in the coming weeks/months. The actual support levels are highlighted in green next to the targets (T1 & T2). The suggested/official BTC levels to be set 8 cents above those levels in order minimize missing a fill, should the stock reverse just shy of support. USCR daily Nov 18th   USCR was a trade idea shared by Shambo in the new Trading Room (thanks!). He has [...]

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