Various tips and ideas for regarding trading and investing such as placing orders, using stops, etc… These tips are included within the content of the posts listed below.

The Pros & Cons Of Using Leveraged ETFs in Your Trading & Investing

This video attempts to both debunk as well as confirm some of the negative stigmas associated with buying & holding leveraged ETFs for more than a day trade. Real-world examples are used with two of the most notorious offenders when it comes to the price decay that can result when holding a leveraged ETF for an extended period of time, LABU & LABD (3x bullish & bearish biotech ETFs) as well as NUGT & DUST (3x gold miners ETFs). playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration

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Using Index Short ETFs In Your Trading & Investing

This video discusses the benefits of incorporating the use of inverse or "short" ETFs that track the major US stock indexes into your trading & investing. The pros & cons of using leveraged vs. non-leveraged ETFs are also covered along with the most liquid inverse ETFs commonly used as either a pure-play short on the stock market or as a hedge to an existing portfolio of long positions. Additional information on leveraged as well as non-leveraged ETFs can be found on the FAQ page under the  ETF Related Questions subsection. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video [...]

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Using OCO & OCA Orders With Your Stock Trading or Investing

This video highlights the benefits of using OCO (one-cancels-the-other) or OCA (one-cancels-another) orders when trading stocks, ETFs or futures. The benefits of these conditional orders extend equally to active traders as well as the casual investor whether ultilizing the trade ideas on Right Side Of The Chart or your own trading & investing picks. ?playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Some Q & A From The Trading Room

Here are a few questions from members in the trading room this morning that help to sum up my current thoughts on the market along with some expanded comments on the recent post regarding the extreme sentiment readings that were posted back in January just before the sharp correction: Q: The SPY closed later in yesterday’s session at the support/resistance zone, still feel confident that this is the area to load for long? Thanks. A: Just to clarify the term “load”, if you mean in the sense “load up heavy” or “load the boat” with longs, then no. In fact, I’m [...]

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Using Leverage In Your Trading or Investing

This is the third of three great questions posted in the trading room early today from member @sur-non that I figured was worth sharing on the front page of the site. My reply is simply my own opinion based on my experience as an active trader, investor & former stock broker. Opinions on just about any topic, as with this one, will vary and as such, comments, feedback & questions in the comment section below this post are welcomed. Q: If things play out the way you say they may in your 2/26 review of the SPY and QQQ and previous [...]

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Using Various Indicators When Analyzing Stock Charts

This is my reply to the second of three questions posted in the trading room today by member @sur-non that others new to technical analysis might find useful: Q: [...I] also notice[d] joefriday (I like his charts a lot) uses the MCO and wonder what your thoughts (or his) are on that. A: I’ve dabbled with the McClellan Oscillator (MCO) on & off in the past but as with the dozens, if not hundreds of indicators & other TA tools that I’ve seen over the years, that one never stuck for whatever reason. As such, I can’t render an opinion as [...]

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Incorporating Sentiment Indicators Into Your Stock Market Analysis

This is my reply to the first of three great questions that member @sur-non posted in the trading room today. As others might find my response useful, I figured that I would share it here on the front page of the site for all to see (with the other two questions & responses to follow). Q: Randy, I was reading one of your old posts, maybe late ’16? – sentiment indicators – bull to bear spread, put to call ratio, extremes – wonder if those might be interesting in light of present market circumstances A: Yes, I do find a lot [...]

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