Market Outlook for the Week of Jan 25th

U.S. Equity Markets With my first bounce targets on SPY hit & nearly hit on QQQ, my expectation is for a pullback to begin early this week. My primary scenario for QQQ is a pullback to the 102.50ish level with an alternative scenario of a deeper correction down to the S2 zone (100.70-100.15) before a [...]

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Long-Term Trade Ideas Updated

The following trades have been removed from the Long-term Trade Ideas category. EC: Failed to reach T1 before exceeding the suggested stop below 14.86. CDE: Hit the final target, T3 at 6.55 for a 56% gain earlier this year & should have been moved to the Long-Term Trades-Completed category back then. SGG: Fell just shy [...]

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Long SGG (Sugar ETF)

SGG (Sugar ETF) will be added as both an Active Long Trade as well as a Long-Term Trade Idea at current levels. Suggested stop below 29.00. Price targets listed below may be adjusted based on the charts of $SUGAR (spot sugar prices). With the potential for a bottom in sugar prices, additional price targets may [...]

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Long Trades Category Updates

As I was unable to update the Long Trade ideas before I left for vacation, updates on both individual trades will be posted throughout the day  including the "batch" of stopped out trades below. As there are numerous updated to be made in the Long Trades category, email notifications will not be sent out on [...]

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Long SGG (Sugar ETF)

SGG (Sugar ETF) will be added as an Active Long (swing) Trade & Long-term (investment) Trade here around the 41.45 level with a suggested stop slightly below the recent low of 39.55. Targets TBD. Daily chart of SGG and weekly chart of $SUGAR (spot sugar prices) below:

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