Trade Ideas part 1 (video)

This video covers the charts of about half the stocks currently on my watch-list as potential long and short trading opportunities. The video begins very brief overview of the broad market as well as the breakout above the triangle pattern that was highlighted yesterday on the USO 60-minute chart. Following the USO commentary, the following trade ideas are discussed in this order: COP, SEDG, CSIQ, LL, BAS, PIR, TSRO, ELLI, CNAB, AXAS, ACPW, ASPS, PLCE, MNKD, BITA, YELP,CVSI, SHOS, SMH, BBW & ALDR There were some issues with loading the charts during the video which turns out was due to [...]

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Long Trades Removed

The following Long Swing Trades have either hit one or more price targets and/or exceeded their maximum suggested stop level. All posts associated with these trades will now be assigned to the Completed Trades category where they will be archived indefinitely for future reference. ABY hit the first price target for a gain of 7.8% on March 10th. Although the trade appeared to be holding above the suggested stop of a daily close below 16.50, upon closer examination of the chart I just noticed that ABY printed a close of 16.48, 1 cent below the suggested of any close of 16.49 [...]

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LL First Price Target Hit

LL (Lumber Liquidators Holdings) has hit the first price target, T1 at 15.97, for a gain of 8.1% in the 10 trading sessions since the April 13th entry. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan. T3 (18.05) remains the final target as this time.

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Additional Price Targets For LL Active Trade

I have finalized the second price target on the LL (Lumber Liquidators Holdings) Active Long Trade at 17.12 while also adding one additional price target, T3, at 18.05. T1 remains 15.97 & with the stock breaking above the 15.64 minor resistance level today, LL could possible hit that level before this close, allowing anyone in the trade to book partial or full profits before LL reports earnings before the market opens tomorrow. Each trader must decide whether or not to hold into earnings & with a high short-interest stock like LL, I would be very surprised if this stock does not [...]

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Long Trade Ideas (video)

An overview of the active long trade ideas plus several other long trade ideas that look compelling at this time, both swing trades as well as longer-term Growth & Income trade ideas. The video starts out covering the Active Long Trade ideas, followed by about 9 unofficial but compelling trade ideas. For those wising to skip ahead to a particular trade, the following stocks are discussed in this order: ABY, LL, MOS, NAT, PEIX, POT, SOYB, WMB, NRF, SPLS, CSX, BBD.B.TO, FXI, RSX, EWA, & EWC.

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LL Second Price Target Finalized, Chart Revised

I have finalized the second price target at 18.40 & cleaned up this chart to remove the annotations from the previous trade + slightly modified the downtrend line. Awaiting the next pop over 15.00, ideally followed by an increase in volume, as a likely catalyst for a short-squeeze in LL & a quick thrust up to either or both official targets. A potential 3rd target has also been added which might be extended as the final target, depending on how the charts play out. LL daily 2 April 13th

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