This video reviews all of the official trade ideas, both long & short, that are currently listed as Active Swing Trades on Right Side Of The Chart. While the majority are still Active Trades, several of these trades have already hit their final price target or exceeded their maximum suggested stop & will be reassigned to the Completed Trades category asap.

I wanted to cover those completed trades as some still look good & most importantly, suggested price targets & stops are just that; suggested. Traders & investors might opt to use their own targets & stops that are inline with their unique trading style for the trade ideas share on RSOTC. Member are welcomed & encouraged to ask for an update on any active or completed trades at anytime time, preferably in the trading room since others might find the update useful.

The following trades are covered in this order: ACBFF, ATVI, AVGO, BBBY, CARA, CCE, DGAZ (and any other nat gas trading proxies), FRO, IPI, ISRG, KRE, MO, MOS, POT, SEDG, STNG, TSM, WEB, YELP & YHOO