Semiconductor Sector & ETF Analysis (video)

This video provides analysis of the semiconductor sector via $SOXX (PHLX Semiconductor Index) & the 3 major semiconductor ETFs: SOXX, SMH & XSD. Also discussed are the pros & cons of trading the 3x leveraged ETFs, including SOXL & SOXS. The factors affecting the performance of leveraged ETFs when held for extended periods of time, which are often detrimental but can be very advantageous at times, apply not only to SOXS & SOXL but all leveraged ETFs in general. Price targets & trade entry points & key developments to watch for are covered as well.

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SMH Support Levels/Price Targets

As quite a few members within the trading room have recently stated remaining short the semiconductors in recent weeks after the official trade was stopped out, here are some potential near-term targets using SMH (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF), both on the 60-minute time frame as well as the daily time frame. There are numerous ETF proxies for trading the semiconductors including SMH, XSD, SOXX & PSI (all 1x, non-leveraged), USD/SSG (2x long & short) & SOXL/SOXS (3x long & short), the latter (SOXL, & SOXX) of which track the same semiconductor index as SOXX although all of these ETF will move [...]

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Updates for QQQ, SPY, TECS, XLK, SOXX & SOXL

Lots to cover today so I'm going to try to wrap up some of the more significant recent technical developments in this one update. Starting with the SPY & QQQ, both are experiencing impulsive selling so far today following the recent breakdown & back-test of this bearish rising wedge pattern which helps to validate the recent breakdowns as a significant technical events. My expectation at this time is for at least a ~50% retracement on both, price targets shown on these updated 30-minute charts below, which are preceded by the 2 previously posted 30-minute QQQ & SPY charts: I [...]

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The Pros & Cons Of Trading Leveraged ETFs vs. Non-Leveraged ETFs

I've clearly stated my expectation for a correction in the semis recently & just wanted to share some thoughts on how to position for a correction in the semis, for those that share my outlook for the sector. In doing so, I also wanted to address the advantages & disadvantages of trading leverage ETFs in lieu of non-leveraged ETFs. As per yesterday's video on the semiconductor stocks, for those comfortable with shorting individual stocks & have enough capital to properly diversify among various semi stocks, in order to mitigate the risk of any one stock moving sharply against your position, shorting [...]

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Stock Market & Sector Outlook (video)

This video is provides a brief (under 12 minutes) overview of the key technical levels, developments & prices targets for the stock market via SPY, QQQ & IWM as well as some of the sectors that stand out as attractive trading opportunities at this time.

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Short Trade Ideas Overview (video)

The following video provides an update on all of the recent official short trade ideas on Right Side Of The Chart, including all Active Short Trades as well as a few that had recently hit one or more profit targets or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. The following trade ideas are covered in this order: ATVI, AVGO, ISRG, IWM, MO, NVDA, QQQ, SBUX, SMH/SOXL, TSM, WB, WFC & YHOO.

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SMH Semiconductors Trade Update

Member @natdicarlo had requested an update on the SMH / $SOXL short trade in the trading room, pointing out that the semiconductor stocks haven't seemed to receive the memo yet that the leading stocks in the leading tech index (Nasdaq 100) continue to move sharply lower despite the broad market relatively holding up since the election. I just want to reiterate that the semis, despite the recent resiliency, still appear to be one of the most promising sectors on the short side at this time, with several of the individual semiconductor stocks that were recently highlighted as official & unofficial trade [...]

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